TH&B Railway Historical Society Officers

After an exploratory meeting arranged by Nicholas Russon at the October 1997 CN Lines Convention in Oakville Ontario, a small working group joined together to work towards the goal of creating an organization for TH&B fans. The TH&B Historical Society was founded in February, 1998, with the intention of preserving the history of the TH&B Railway and TH&B Navigation Company.

The officers of the society are:

Chair - John Spring E-Mail Meeting Coordinator        
Meeting Coordinator- Dave Nicolson E-Mail Meeting Coordinator Ontarian Editor - Lance Brown e-mail Lance
Treasurer - Bryant Barbour e-mail Bryant     Graphics Manager - Willy Hatherly e-mail Willy
Registrar - Bryant Barbour e-mail Richard        
Marketing - Laura Spring e-mail Bryant Website Webmaster - Lawrence Lech
e-mail webmaster
Archivist - Lance Brown e-mail Lance        

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Last Modified: February 20, 2023