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One of the toughest things for a non-historian to do is to gather information about a topic. An excellent aide to research is a good bibliography. This isn't one of those (yet), but with the help of other TH&B railfans and modellers, I hope this will turn into a good bibliography.

I started my research with a lot of fairly random information gleaned from several different sources about the TH&B. It was intended for my own use, so there was little systematic order to the things that I stashed away into my manila file folders. The following books, magazine articles, and miscellaneous pieces of information are where I dug up most of what little I know about the railway.

A word of caution is in order, as the publishers of railway-related materialscannot keep books and other media in production for extended periods of time: some of the following listings may be long out of print.


In the Shadow of Giants/2, Norman Helm, Preston House
The only complete source of information about the history, motive power, rolling stock, and personnel of the railway. Some differences between the first and second editions may induce "completists" to have both editions in their libraries. A caution is in order, however, because there have been several comments about the photo credits used in the book: many photos are noted as being from GO Transit, which actually belong to Al Patterson, Keith Sirman, Dave Shaw, and other well-known photohistorians. Also, note that the photo on page 127 is labelled as number 301 passing under the High Level Bridge (it's actually a CN gas-electric, as the roofline clearly shows).
The Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway (Volume One), John Spring, BRMNA
This is one of the familiar BRMNA photo-with-caption books dealing with so many aspects of the Canadian railway scene. John has gathered an excellent selection of photographs for this book. Volume 1 was published early in 1993.
The Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway (Volume Two), John Spring, BRMNA
Another good selection of photographs.
Canadian Pacific in Southern Ontario, Volume 3, W.H.N. Rossiter, BRMNA.
This is another BRMNA photo book, with a page on TH&B Pacific number 15.
Railway Steamships of Ontario, Dana Ashdown, The Boston Mills Press.
This book has the only detailed information about the TH&B Navigation Company I'd found other than what Norman Helm included in Shadow. I found it an interesting book in its own right.
Engine Houses & Turntables on Canadian Railways 1850-1950, Edward Forbes Bush, The Boston Mills Press.
Includes information on the 1929 Hamilton roundhouse adjacent to Aberdeen Yard.
Rail Canada, Volume 2, Donald C. Lewis, Launch Pad Distributors, Ltd.
Paint schemes for TH&B diesels, pages 95-97
Steam at Oakville, Allan Paterson & Dick George, The Boston Mills Press, 1988.
David Janelle reminded me that I'd forgotten to include this excellent work, which highlights the steamers passing through Oakville, Ontario on the CN mainline. Keith Sirman points out that most photos of Canadian Pacific and New York Central trains passing through Oakville are actually TH&B trains, and are therefore of interest to both modellers and railfans. There are at least a dozen photos showing TH&B power, including both passenger and freight traffic.
The Great Lakes Car Ferries, George W. Hilton. Howell-North, Berkeley CA, 1962.
Out of print, but, with diligence, copies may be found on the second-hand book market. Widely recognized as the authoritative work on the subject. Contains a short dicussion of the history and operation of the TH&B Navigation Company. Including black and white photos of S.S. Maitland No. 1 while in service, and its second life as a pulpwood barge. Appendix includes vessel specifications.
Recommended by Jim Moore.
The Railroads That Serve Buffalo, National Railroad Historical Society.
"A 1982 NRHS Buffalo Chapter reprint of the 1927 Manufacturers & Traders--Peoples Trust Co. edition. An excellent book overall, with 2 1/2 pages devoted to the TH&B."
Recommended by William Sharpe.
The Railroads of Western New York, Father Dunn, publisher unknown, 1996.
"Excellent book. Some readers may find portions rather dry. The TH&B is mentioned frequently in this massive book."
Recommended by William Sharpe.
Trainscape, Juris V. Zvidris, BRMNA.
"Features about three pages of TH&B stuff, including a map of the Aberdeen Roundhouse and trackage."
Recommended by Jim Martin.
NEB&W's Guide to Steam-Era Freight Car Modelling, John Nehrich, Rensselaer Model Railroad Society & The Rensselaer Center for Steam-Era Studies, 1995.
John Nehrich is busy redefining the very concept of "in depth research" with this book and the newer book, NEB&W Scenery, Structures & Details. While it ranges over a huge body of knowledge, the TH&B coverage is only slight: but the books are very much worth reading for any modeller working in the late steam to modern eras. I can't plug Nehrich's work enough.
Information provided by Michael Larcombe, but I should have listed it without needing to be prompted.
1943 Car Builder's Cyclopedia (Newton Greg Train Shed Cyclopedia No. 75), p349.
A photo of TH&B gondola 2247. To quote Michael Larcombe, "It's a pretty dark photo, virtually a silhouette, but it's good for showing the lettering."
Illustrated Treasury of the American Locomotive Company, O.M. Kerr, Delta Publications, 1980.
"This book contains builders photos of five TH&B locomotives:

These are the official works portraits that can be seen on the MLW specification sheets in Shadow/2, but the reproduction is somewhat better, and slightly larger.

"Incidently, directly opposite the picture of No 202 is a similar photo (same angle, same size, etc.) of Chicago & North Western (CNW) 2-8-4 No 2806, with a build date of 1927. If I understand Helm correctly this would be one of the CNW Berkshires that 201 and 202 were based on, and allows a direct visual comparison to be made. Assuming this deduction is correct, the main differences (at the time of building) were the cab - sloping front on 2806, straight on 202, plus other differences, the tender - smaller on 202, the covered turret on 202 (NYC style, and presumbly influenced by them?) and the valve-gear - Walschaerts on 2806 and Baker on 202. There are also detail differences in the the four-wheel truck frame, and the plumbing around the firebox and other boiler fittings, but generally the similarity of outline and leading dimensions is clear. The CNW loco is also quoted as being 5 tons heavier, at 199 tons, than the THB loco." (information provided by Michael Larcombe)


Canadian Railway and Marine World, Various Volumes
A voluminous collection of the CRMW periodical, which was published from the late 1800's until at least the mid-1940's.
"The TH&B, versions 1,2 & 3 -- loop shelf around room", Frank L. Hendren, Model Railroader October 1969, p.40.
An article on a non-prototypical TH&B layout occupying a 14'x20' area.
"Life on the TH&B", John Uckley, Railroad Modeler October 1979.
Locomotive Quarterly, Volume III Number 2 (Winter 78/79)
TH&B steam pictorial, recommended by Dennis Rankin, owner of the Den of Trains, Crafts & Hobbies in Toronto.
"TH&B Geeps", Wayne Toth, Model Railroader February, 1980, p.126.
Paint Shop feature on painting TH&B GP7 and GP9 locomotives. I had this article credited to Jim Hediger in earlier drafts: my apologies to Mr. Toth for the error.
"TH&B Dunnville Subdivision", Kenneth A. W. Gansel, Canadian Rail #339 April 1980.
An eight-page cover story on this TH&B subdivision.
"Railroad News Photos", Trains August 1981, p. 15.
Photo and caption of the final RDC run on the TH&B.
"High Iron to Lake Huron", John Uckley, Rail Classics June/July 1984.
A 12-page article with some TH&B content.
"Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Line: The Prototype and Model", Gerhard Wetzel, Layout Design Journal, Volume 4 Number 1 & 2 (January 1985)
A very early issue of the LDJ, which is one of the publications of the NMRA Special Interest Group, the Layout Design SIG. A layout designed for a small (8' by 9') room, based on the TH&B. In such a small space, Mr. Wetzel had to omit and compress mercilessly to get a TH&B flavour in his design. I will be asking for permission to reprint this article in a future issue of TH&B Focus.
"The Smooth Canadian", Ken Goslett, Railroad Model Craftsman, August 1986, pp72-79.
An article on development of Canadian smooth side hoppers, including a photograph of #2876 (p79) and a roster which includes the TH&B cars (p78). (Information provided by Bill Braun.)
"Canada's only 2-8-4's", Norman Helm, Trains June, 1985, pp 40-47.
A detailed look at the Berkshire engines, number 201 and 202.
"Arrivals & Departures", Trains September 1987, p. 10.
Item in regular column announcing the merging of operations into CP Rail.
"USRA Double-Sheathed Box Cars" Richard Hendrickson, Model Railroading May, 1988, pp. 30-39.
A 1941 photograph of TH&B boxcar 4603 by Charles Winters is included in this article. The article was referenced by John Nehrich in the NEB&W Guide to Steam Era Freight Car Modelling published by the Rensselaer Model Railway Society in 1996. The photo did not reproduce well in Nehrich's book, so the car number may not be accurate. (Information provided by Michael Larcombe.)
"Connecting Two Great Systems", Kevin J. Holland, Passenger Train Journal August 1988.
"I would consider this as a highly desirable piece for most students of the TH&B." (William Sharpe)
"AAR Standard 40' Steel Sheathed Box Cars, 1937-1956 Canadian Cars, Part II", Model Railroading, October 1988, pp. 56-58.
The second of a series of articles on Canadian 40' boxcars, including color photographs of #3211 and 3766 (p57). (Information provided by Bill Braun.)
"Canadian Box Cars", letter from Keith R. Sirman, Model Railroading, October 1988, p51.
A letter regarding the photo of #4603, including paint and modelling details. (Information provided by Bill Braun.)
"Photo Section", Trains November 1988, p. 11.
Photo of the Chatham Street roundhouse, adjacent to Aberdeen Yard.
"Tie Loads", Pete Moffett, MMR, NMRA Bulletin March 1989, p.18
An article in the Bulletin's "Open Loads" series showing photos of ties loaded on TH&B flatcars.
"Doug Koontz's Canada", Doug Koontz, Trains Illustrated, December, 1989, pp 8-11.
A photo-essay on Mr. Koontz's first railfanning expedition to Canada, generally in and around Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario.
"Memories of the T.H.&B., 1937-1954", Douglas M. Haddow, Branchline, April 1991, pp 10-13
Personal recollections of the heyday of steam power on the TH&B.
"Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Gas Electric 301", Keith Sirman, Trackside Detector June/July 1987, pp. 14-16.
A three-page extract from Trackside Detector discussing the EMC gas-electric "doodlebug" number 301.
"The common Canadian cylindrical: NSC 3800-cu. ft.", K. Goslett & M. Kindrachuk, RailModel Journal November 1991, p. 22.
Feature on typical Canadian cylindrical covered hoppers, including photo of TH&B prototype.
"Fowler Stock Cars", John Riddell, Railroad Model Craftsman, November 1991.
"The TH&B purchased ten new Fowler stock cars from the National Steel Car Company in 1915. Additionally, it later rebuilt twelve boxcars. Two of the cars were converted to double deck for hog shipments. No lettering sets are currently available. Eight cars were still in revenue service in 1965."
"Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway's 71", Roger Letourneau, Canadian Railway Modeller, Train 1 Track 2, p. 27.
An overview of the first GP7 locomotive made by GMDD in London.
"TH&B 4000-series 70-ton Covered Gondolas", Lance Brown, Canadian Railway Modeller, Train 2 Track 3, p. 26.
"Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo 2-8-4 Berkshire Type", Rod Roddick, Canadian Railway Modeller, Train 5 Track 3, p.40.
Plan number 108 from the O-SHO-ME collection, reprinted.
"A New Career for TH&B 51", Brian Darnbrough, Canadian Railway Modeller, Train 5 Track 4, pp 33-35
A "biography" of NW2 #51, formerly of the TH&B, now of the Ontario Southland Railway.
"Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo 4-6-2 Pacific Type", Rod Roddick, Canadian Railway Modeller, Train 6 Track 3, p.38.
Plan number 39 from the O-SHO-ME collection, reprinted.
"Build the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway's Coal Tower", Dave Paterson, Canadian Railway Modeller, Train 6 Track 4 pp. 28 and Train 6 Track 5 pp 16.
A two-part article on scratchbuilding the coal tower which stood beside the Aberdeen Yard entrance to the Hamilton roundhouse.
"USRA boxcars for the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway", John Riddell, Railroad Model Craftsman, December 1997, p. 72.
"In 1940, the TH&B purchased 300 double-sheathed, steel-underframe boxcars from neighboring New York Central. These cars served the railroad through the busy war years and beyond." Keith Sirman provided photos and William Sharpe provided data for John's article.
"Ask Paint Shop", Marty McGuirk, Model Railroader, January 1998, p. 160.
A photo of TH&B 77 to accompany information on matching the weathered appearance of the maroon and cream. (Wayne Toth's 1980 formula for TH&B maroon is detailed).
Frontier Flimsy, December 1997, cover page.
A pair of TH&B photos lead off this issue of the NMRA's Niagara Frontier Region newsletter. The top photo is TH&B gas-electric 301, while the bottom photo shows Berkshire (2-8-4) number 201.
"USRA 40-foot Double-Sheathed Box Cars", Richard Hendrickson, RailModel Journal, May 1998.
"Although superseded by the RMC article, for completeness you may be interested in the following: the 1941 photo of car no 4603(?) which Nehrich reprinted has been published in a similar photo-survey by Richard Hendrickson. The car number *is* 4603, and the picture is credited to George Sisk, Charles Winters collection. The caption has also been corrected to give the NYC as the previous owner, (which it then refers to as half-owner with the Canadian Pacific . . .)" (information provided by Michael Larcombe)


Some excellent sources of TH&B photographs are:


Other Media

"TH&B 201-202", Upper Canada Railway Society Locomotive Data Sheet no. 6703, James A. Brown.
A two-page summary of information about the Berkshire engines, number 201 and 202.
1997 TH&B Stations Calendar by Preston House Publishers.
"Includes more than 75 historic dates in the life of the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway". This calendar was still available from the publisher in 1998, but recent reports indicate that the company may have ceased operating since then. The last contact information had them at (416) 503-8814 or fax (416) 503-1884.
Plan 21, TH&B Hudson #501
Plan 39, TH&B Pacific #15
Plan 50, TH&B 0-6-0 #42 (left side)
Plan 65, TH&B Consolidation #103
Plan 90, TH&B American #4
Plan 91, TH&B Ten-Wheeler #9
Plan 108, TH&B Berkshire #202
Plan 149, TH&B 0-6-0 #42 (right side)
Plan 340, TH&B Pacific #11, engineer's side
Plan 341, TH&B Pacific #11, fireman's side
Plan 342, TH&B Berkshire #201 & 202, both sides
Sounds of the TH&B
Available from Roger Letourneau, also known as the operator of "Just Imagine".
TH&B Steam Locomotive Erecting Cards
These cards and matching specification sheets are in the Archives Library of the Canadian Railway Historical Association museum in Delson, Quebec. Some of these were reproduced in miniature in Helm's Shadow/2 on pages 192-199 and 202-207. (Thanks to Michael Larcombe for bringing this to my attention)

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