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Volume 2 Number 1

Volume 2 Number 1: November 1998

On the cover:

TH&B GP7 number 77 leads an abbreviated east local circa 1975. Photo by John Spring.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
My favorite memory of the TH&B Keith Sirman  
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
Officers' Reports   Laura and John Spring
John Spring's Summer John Spring Young John Spring in cab of NW2 51; Penn Central E-7s in Hamilton; Hamilton & Dundas steam dummy in Penetanguishene.
TH&B Snow Plow Notes John Spring Russel plow X685; first plow X786; plow X785 circa 1949, 1952; 1970.
Snow Plow Correspondence TH&B Archives  
Annual Bibliography Nicholas Russon  
Letters to the Editor    
Motive Power Drawings W. E. Blaine, contributed by Carlton Smith Outline drawings of Gas Electric Car 301; Class Gs 2-8-0
Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer Copies of 1950s era drawings.
Welland area: Milepost 3-4.
Dundas area: Milepost 43 45.
Miscellaneous Photos   Former TH&B SW9 number 57 wearing EMD colours.

Volume 2 Number 2

Volume 2 Number 2: February 1999

On the cover:

TH&B Pacific number 15 leads a NRHS special train from Dunnville on August 7, 1955. Photo from the Patterson-George collection.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Smithville Station   Smithville-to-Dunnville bus circa 1937; sketch of Smithville station.
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
Officers' Reports    
A Different Take on TH&B History David Janelle  
Building 101 Jim Charlton Building 101 circa 1995.
Modelling the TH&B American Crane John Spring Crane X755 circa 1984: back view; left front view; side view; builder's plate close-up. Crane X755 at the Chatham Street roundhouse; X755 boom car.
Letters to the Editor   TH&B equipment at the Elgin County Railway Museum: NW2 51; pair of boxcars in yellow scheme; unidentified slab-sided hopper; van 71; slab-sided hopper 2839; Ontario Southland diesel in TH&B-inspired paint scheme. Other photos: two photos of gondola 2699, TH&B RHS display at the Toronto Train Show.
Working the Extra East Kevin Leddy GP9 403 and GP7 75 on the Extra East circa 1979; van 83 on the Extra East; van 66 on the Extra East; GP9 402 and GP7 75 on Extra East at Vinemount; three GP7s neat Victoria Street.
Correspondence from the THBlist    

Volume 2 Number 3

Volume 2 Number 3: May 1999

On the cover:

TH&B's second station on Hunter Street in Hamilton shows the effects of aging. Photo from the John Spring collection.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Editorial notes Nicholas Russon  
Hamilton Terminal Ops, Part One Lance Brown Segment of detailed track plan for Aberdeen Yard; Aberdeen Scale House circa 1978; NW2 51 on Assignment #1 at Canadian Drawn Steel; segment of detailed plan for Chatham Street roundhouse side; schematic track diagram for Hamilton Terminal; Belt Line map; Victoria Avenue crane circa 1972; Belt Line Clearance Form E; SW9 with train at Domglas on the Short Belt; NW2 with train at Lysaught Lead; Fisher Yard Office.
Officers' Reports    
Boyhood Memories of the TH&B Don Douglas Former CP steamers 136 and 1057 near Dundas.
Walking the TH&B Don Douglas A view along the RailTrail; Sulphur Springs trail centre at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.
Modelling a TH&B sand house Bill Sharpe Model photos; model plans; assembly illustrations; interior detail photos.
Letters to the editor   Former crane X755 circa 1990 with new CP paint scheme; boom car still painted as TH&B X756.
Trinidad on the TH&B Kevin Leddy  
Track diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1950s-era diagrams.
Mineral Springs area, milepost 46-47.
Fenwick area, milepost 5-6 .
Mileage and elevation Jim Charlton Mileage and elevation chart.
The photo gallery   Kevin Holland model of 301; cylindrical hopper 1547 on the Union Pacific; gondola 4207 in Minneapolis; modern Hunter Street station before renovations; photo of Norris Podetz painting; gondola 2602 at Newport, Minnesota; TH&B plow at Intermeco Scrap Yard circa 1989.

Volume 2 Number 4

Volume 2 Number 4: August 1999

On the cover:

Berkshire 202 leading a heavy freight at Welland on march 7, 1953. Photo from the collection of Al Patterson.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
Hamilton Terminal Operations Part 2 Lance Brown SW9 56 at Kinnear Yard; SW9 57 at Fisher Yard; engines 75 and 73 at Aberdeen Yard, with 75 looking rather worn; GP9 403 at Aberdeen Yard; Chessie System power at Aberdeen; illustration of Crossing of Penn Central Tracks, Waterford; Nanticoke Steel Train at Waterford; CP GP34 5012 with MLW C424s on Starlite returning to Agincourt; GP7s 73, 77, 72, GP9 403 and NW2 51 in West Hamilton with Phosphate Rock Train.
Officers' Reports    
The H&D Branch Kevin R. Leddy GP7s 77 and 75 at Dundas circa 1980.
H&D Branch Bridge Diagrams   Spencer Creek Bridge MI05; Thorpe Street Trestle MI86
A Gondola Study in Photographs Michael Livingston Gondolas 2633, 2615, 2667, 4204, 2610 end view; 2674 detail view.
TH&B Utility Shed Jim Charlton Side and front view of utility shed.
Correspondence from the THBlist   Two photos of restoration work on Consolidation 103.
Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1950s-era diagrams.
Summit area, milepost 48-49.
Area between Chantler and Silverdale, milepost 7-8.
Producing TH&B Baggage Car Kits Kevin Leddy  

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