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Volume 3 Number 1

Volume 3 Number 1: October 1999

On the cover:

The TH&B's only gas car, 301, makes its final stop in Brantford, 2 October, 1954. Photo from the Sirman Collection.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
Memories of the TH&B Douglas M. Haddow Pacific 15 at Buffalo circa 1935; copy of Buffalo connections timetable circa 1943; Berkshire 201 at Chatham Street; 4-6-4 502 at Hunter Street Station.
H&D Branch Layout Plan Kevin Leddy Model railroad layout plan;
H&D Branch Photo Feature Kevin Leddy Unidentified structure photo. The following photos are all circa 1979: number 53 near McMaster parking lot; number 55 along Cootes Drive; CN gondolas on street trackage with automobiles fouling tracks; number 53 at Main and Dundas; number 53 returning to Aberdeen Yard. 0-6-0 36 at John Bertram & Sons circa 1926; Dundas Freight House.
Officers' Reports    
Motive Power Diagrams W. E. Blaine, contributed by Carlton Smith Line drawing of 4-4-0 and Class F-S 4-6-0
Modelling Steam Generator Car 500 Kevin Leddy Three-quarters view of car 500 at Chatham Street Roundhouse circa 1984; end view of car 500; side view of car 500; model assembly illustrations; completed model photos.
TH&B Gas Electric 301 Keith Sirman 301 at Waterford circa 1947; 301 builder's photo; 301 at Chatham Street Roundhouse in maroon and cream scheme; 301 at Chatham Street circa 1936; 301 at Brantford on final run.
The 1000-Series Hopper Cars John Spring Hoppers 1000 circa 1936; 1056 circa 1950; 1082 circa 1934.
Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1950s-era diagrams.
Area between Summit and Jerseyville, milepost 50-51.
Area between Fenwick and Silverdale, milepost 9-11.
Miscellaneous Photos   Cylindrical hopper 1543 at Smithville, side and end views, circa 1998.

Volume 3 Number 2

Volume 3 Number 2: February 2000

On the cover:

TH&B Berkshires 202 and 201 sit on track 7A along Manchester Street awaiting the scrapper's torch in November 1953. Photo from the Bay City Railway Historical Foundation Collection.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
Stelco Hilton Works Ray Hoadley Stelco Hilton Works back end circa 1955; heavy melt pile near Ottawa Street slip circa 1962; Hudson 502 awaiting scrapping; 502 being cut up on open hearth floor; pieces of 502 in scrap buggies.
HOMES Rebuilds Southern Ontario Ron Tuff Larry Fisher painting of Hunter Street Station.
TH&B Under James Young Ben Van Veldhuizen Pedestrian walkway on Brantford Grand River Bridge circa 1999; Grand River Bridge at Brantford circa 1999; view down rails of Grand River bridge circa 1999.
Officers' Reports    
Diesel Nuts & Bolts or All the Bells and Whistles (Horns) John Spring Phase I GP7 71 in 1950 showing horn mounting; Phase II GP7 75 in 1953 showing lack of backup horn; Phase I GP7 72 with new bell location; GP7 72 showing original placement of horn; Phase I GP7 in 1952 showing original location of three-chime horns; roof views showing horn placement in the 1970s; Phase II GP7s with three-trumpet horns on roof of short hood; Phase II GP7 75 with backwards-facing trumpet; GP9 units delivered configured as GP7 carbodies; GP9 401 in 1955 with partial carbody changes.
Old Paper Jim Charlton Copy of Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen of America lodge document circa 1917.
Consolidations of the TH&B Nelson Allison Consolidation 103 at the Westfield Heritage Village; Nelson Allison models of 106 and 103.
Letters to the Editor   Larry Fisher painting of Chatham Street Roundhouse; recent photo of steam car 500 on Green Mountain Railroad in New Hampshire; Norris Podetz painting of Consolidation 103; former TH&B GP7 72 after CP rebuilding to CP 1682, front three-quarters view; CP 1682 rear three-quarters view.
Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1950s-era diagrams.
Jerseyville area, milepost 53-54.
Silverdale area, milepost 12-13.

Volume 3 Number 3

Volume 3 Number 3: May 2000

On the cover:

TH&B Consolidation 102 at Lambton, 29 February, 1956. Photo from the Patterson Collection.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
Spectrum Consolidation as TH&B 102 Richard Chrysler Consolidation 102 at Chatham Street Roundhouse circa 1951; 102 at Port Maitland circa 1932; 102 at Chatham Street circa 1952; 104 at Chatham Street circa 1948; 103 at Waterford circa 1952
My Favorite Memory of the TH&B Bob Livingstone  
Officers' Reports    
TH&B Product News Laura Spring  
Disposition of the 1200-Series Hopper Cars John Spring  
TH&B Train Dispatcher Sheets Gus Milazzo Segments of various train sheets; train sheet for Monday April 21 1949.
TH&B Signaling Railway Age Gazette, transcribed and annotated by Pete Westphal Redrawn illustration of signal sequence from Railway Age Gazette.
Modelling Brantford: Brantford Yard in a Bedroom Jon Piasecki Model railroad layout plan; 1950s era track diagram; 1965 fire insurance map showing Brantford Station area; fire insurance map showing east end of Brantford Yard; fire insurance map showing main portion of Brantford Yard.
Letters to the Editor    
Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1950s-era diagrams.
Jerseyville area, milepost 55-56.
St. Ann's area, milepost 14-15.
Miscellaneous Photos   Former TH&B gondola 4206 painted as Coe Rail 230108 at Fisher Yard circa 1999.

Volume 3 Number 4

Volume 3 Number 4: August 2000

On the cover:

From the Chatham Street bridge on January 17, 1986, Assignment #5, the 1515 "Proctor Job", has seven TH&B boxcars for Waxmans in tow including 3414, 3347, 3352, 3644, 3770, 3784 and 3820. The placement of the roof hatches on 3414, 3347 and 3352 are clearly visible. John Spring photo.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
History of the TH&B Steel Boxcars Lance Brown National Steel Car builder's photo of boxcar 3155 circa 1949; 3479 in Ti-Cat scheme circa 1953; close-up of lettering from 3580; close-up of TH&B logo from 3580; close-up of 1955 lettering modifications; close-up of logo from 3841; close-up of 1964 lettering modifications; end view of 3211 showing yellow ladders on black end; interior view of 3580 showing grain load limit lines; roof-hatch car 3211 circa 1985; 3211 used for file storage circa 1970s; close-up of phosphate car roof hatch; phosphate car 3477 circa 1985; phosphate car 3145 with centennial leaf; close-up of phosphate car assigned service stencil; 3600 circa 1987; 3710 circa 1965.
Bibliography Update Michael Livingston  
Officers' Reports    
A Tale of Two Pictures Kevin R. Leddy Two photos of TH&B train 374 from March 10 1954.
Letters to the Editor   Two views of the Brantford Water Tank circa 1950.
Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1950s-era diagrams.
Cainsville area, milepost 57-58.
Smithville, milepost 16-17.

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