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Volume 5 Number 1

Volume 5 Number 1: October 2001

On the cover:

One of Massey-Harris' Brantford factories was directly across the street from the TH&B's station in Brantford. Photo from the Sirman Collection, dated August, 1954.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
Consolidation 103 News An update from Chuck Doubrough  
The TH&B In Brantford, 1896-1905 Ben Van Veldhuizen Cockshutt Plow Co. Ltd. vintage logo/letterhead; an artist's impression of the Cockshutt works along Mohawk Road.
Officers' Reports    
The Ridgeville Branch Kevin R. Leddy Map of approximate locations of certain Ridgeville shippers; topographical map with key to photos; intersection of Highway 20 and Effingham Street looking northeast; looking east from Effingham Street just north of Highway 20; looking south at the Ridgeville Post Office on the south side of Canboro Road; foundation of the coal ramp used by the cannery; looking north from Welland Road where the former right of way is now part of a driveway; looking south from Welland Road; former right of way looking north from Foss Road; former right of way looking South from Foss Road; looking north at the right of way from Sumbler Road; looking south from Sumbler Road towards Ridgeville Junction; the original Welland Sub right of way where it crossed Poth Street looking east towards Ridgeville Junction.
TH&B Focus Index Volume 1-4 Jon Piasecki  
Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1950s-era diagrams.
Brantford: milepost 64-65, showing transfer tracks with C.N.R. near Sherwood Drive, Universal Cooler Co. of Can. Ltd., B.A. Oil Ltd., Can. Packing Co. Ltd. (National Canned Foods); Grassies area, milepost 23-24.
The Short Belt, part 4 Jim Charlton Map of industries between Gage Ave. and Main St. to Bayview Ave. and Barton St., includiing Lawson Lumber, Armstrong Supply, Glendale Spinning Mills, Fretz's Ltd., Barton Lumber.
Miscellaneous Photos Scott J. Whitney photo. Former TH&B generator car 500 before recent restoration work at Green Mountain Railroad.

Volume 5 Number 2

Volume 5 Number 2: February 2002

On the cover:

TH&B timetables from Lance Brown's collection. Lance and Godfrey Hall discuss the evolution of the TH&B's public timetables starting on page 15 of this issue.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Editorial Notes Nicholas Russon  
The New Editorial Team Nicholas Russon  
Called for the West Local Kevin Leddy Copy of TH&B Form 19 dated December 14 1884. Various switch cards: Return This Car to M.C.R.R.; Switch To Brantford; Switch To Verity Plow Co.; Switch to Cockshutt Plow Company; Switch To L.E.&N. Ry. Modern Grand River Bridge in Brantford; remnants of the east leg of the Waterford Wye and Conrail mainline; diagram of crossing of Penn Central tracks at Waterford; renovated Waterford staion; former LE&N bridge at Waterford.
Officers' Reports    
Sputnik Turns 50 Rod Wilson Clearance form for Extra Inspection Car No 1 South dated December 12 1973; Inspection Car 1 with #75 at Chatham Street; Inspection Car in Chatham Street roundhouse; Form 19 dated Decmeber 12 1973 for Inspection Car between Port Maitland and Smithville; Rod Wilson with Inspection Car at GO Transit announcement of renovation of Hunter Street Station; former TH&B General Manager Hankinson with Inspection Car.
TH&B Passenger Timetable Evolution Lance Brown and Godfrey Hall Early TH&B timetable covers with "Toronto Buffalo New York Hamilton Brantford Detroit Chicago" text; later timetable covers with two-tone design; timetable covers for April 24 1966, April 30 1967, April 28 1968, October 25 1970; timetable covers with crown and banner design; timetable covers for Timetable 103 and timetable dated August 15 1897.
Letters   Former business car Hamilton, now Canadian Pacific Strathcona, crossing right of way of South Simcoe Railway near Beeton, Ontario, during recent trip to Ontario.
The Forgotten TH&B 2-8-0 John Spring TH&B on the pilot of #60 in Coyle Yard, circa 1917. Fireman's side of #60. Builder's photo of fireman's side of #50, later 101. Three-quarter view of engineer's side of #50. Three-quarter view of #101 circa 1918/1919. Engineer's side of #53. Rear three-quarter view of #55.
Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1950s-era diagrams.
Area between Brantford and Mount Pleasant: milepost 66-67, showing area around Shellaro's Road; Vinemount area, milepost 25-27, showing Vinemount sidings.
Railfanning the TH&B in Western Canada John and Laura Spring Cylindrical hoppers 1501, 1506, 1515, 1541. 1501 has original lettering and heavy weathering; 1506 has numbers only; 1515 and 1541 has original lettering, weathering and graffiti. Left side of former business car Hamilton, now Canadian Pacific Strathcona, at Field Yard in British Columbia; right side of Strathcona on the hill between the Spiral Tunnels.

Volume 5 Number 3

Volume 5 Number 3: May 2002

New Editors this issue: Lance Brown and Godfrey Hall.

On the cover:

0800 Day Port Engine, Port Colborne, Ontario, My 1959. Bill Beaver, Conductor; Walter Hawkins, Engineer. Walter Myzuk photo.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
From Waterford Sub to Water Level Route... For a Day Kevin Leddy Graphic of NYC E-unit #4021 and TH&B #72; TH&B system map showing location of Attercliffe, Ontario; string diagram showing train movements for the day; TH&B 4-6-2 #15 on the Chatham Street turntable.
TH&B Historical Society Executive Report John Spring  
At The Meeting: John G. "Jack" Beldham highlights winter meeting; Presentations and thanks at the winter meeting Godfrey Hall John G. "Jack" Beldham; Jack Beldham and George Spencer; John Henwood and John Spring; Nicholas Russon, John Spring and Rod Wilson.
Personal Recollections: It Was People That Made The TH&B Special John Spring  
Tales From Along The Right-of-Way: Confessions of a Teenage Car Checker John Burns Art deco clock in Hunter Street Station lobby; letter and TH&B letterhead from J. W. Harrison about transfer of John Burns; staff of the TH&B's traffice department circa 1976 showing Mike Dugas, Paul Pilon, Dave Holiday, Wayne Mac Duffee, Jack Harrison, John Burns, Sandra Timofejew, Ken Wilkins, Tom Parker, Mary Fisher, Jack Weston; LRC locomotive and train at Hunter Street Station; 1976 post-Conrail TH&B System Map; John Burns' employee identification card; NW2 #51 at Hunter Street Station; John Burns posting on former CN flanger turned Welland Tourist Information Bureau.
From The Archives: Locomotive Shop Crew, October 1947   TH&B Locomotive Shops crew, October 1947, posed in front of the Chatham Street shops. Photo from the John Spring collection.
From the Archives: The TH&B Takes To The Ice, 1949   The 1949-50 employee's hockey team showing Ross Ireland, Ivan Kelly, Bob Cowman, Bill Abrahams, Howard Ferguson, Matt Blair, Coach Cec. Couture, Frank Dow, Captain Peter Burns, Jack "Johnny" Button, Bob Forgarty, "Toddy" Bonar, Bill Salisbury. Photo from the John Burns collection.

Volume 5 Number 4

Volume 5 Number 4: August 2002

On the cover:

The tranquility of a summer morning is rocked by the grinding howl of a trio of 567 prime movers straining at full throttle to crest the Niagara Escarpment. GP-7s 73, 75 and 72 round the bend at Vinemount, Ontario, with the "Acid Train" as 36 cars of Port Maitland-bound sulphuric acid lag behind in squealing protest.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Victoria's Secrets Kevin Leddy TH&B-CNR Victoria Avenue Transfer Yard at Wentworth Street, looking west; prototype VIA LRC; switching car cards for CNR transfer; CNR MLW S-4 #8170 viewed across tail track and Hagersville Sub main line; CNR #8170 on South Track; line drawing of Victoria Avenue Transfer Yard.
Headend Traffic on the TH&B Kevin Leddy TH&B train #379 headed by NYC #5805 and #5750 at Hunter Street Station; illustration of NYC Buffalo Central Terminal; 1932 view of CNR Hamilton Station showing west end of station and James St. N. bridge; Railway Express Agency advertisement; Canadian National Express logo; Railway Express Agency logo; chart showing frequency of express cars interchanged from TH&B to CNR at Victoria Avenue, by car type.
Sidebar: The 3:45 pm Walnut Street Yard Engine   1979 photo showing CNR Hagersville Sub crossing TH&B Welland Sub east and west mainlines east of Victoria Avenue; TH&B NW-2 #51 with an Extra East on Forest Avenue switching lead; 1978 view of TH&B GP-9 #403 and GP-7 #75 at Transfer Tracks.
At The Meeting Godfrey Hall TH&B Historical Society member risking life and limb for a photo; group shot of society members at Waterford Station; TH&B #X627 Hart Convertible Ballast Car.
Retirement Train Orders Bryant Barbour Walter Hawkins at throttle of NW-2 #53, May 1959; copy of Walter's Retirement Special Form 19.
Tales from Along the Right-of-Way Don Grove TH&B Call Sheet for August 14, 1978; TH&B engineman Jack Brant and fireman Bill Freeman, August 1950; back end of TH&B Pacific #15 tender at Chatham Street roundhouse; Richard Dilley with G gauge TH&B models.
The Wheel Report   TH&B Historical Society embroidery for shirts, jackets and hats.
From The Internet   TH&B #500 as it arrived at Vermont & Rutland shops; TH&B #500 repainted as NYC X5313.
Stores Dept. Godfrey Hall TH&B gondola #2669 at Carlton Place, Ontario, July 2002.
O.C.S. Mailbag   Traffic Department 1961 Christmas Party photo: Drummon Moon, Tracing Clerk; Jim Weston, Traffic Manager; Ken Wilkins, Clerk Stenographer; Lorne Harris, Chief Clerk; Joan Ralph, Stenographer; Mary Fisher, Passenger Clerk; Tom Parker, Traffic Solicitor; Peter Burns, City Solicitor; Bill Galloway, Assistant to the Traffic Manager; Jack Harrison, Rate Clerk; Ray Barker, Tracing Clerk; Jess Chapman, Traffic Solicitor. Staff are posed around an old stove removed and restored from a recently closed station.
From The Archives   TH&B GP-7 #71 with CNR Impact Demonstration Car #87989 at Aberdeen Yard, November 1959; TH&B Superintendent J.A. Hill with Canadian Westinghouse Representatives inspecting CNR Impact Demonstration Car; copy of TH&B Superintendent's Notice #126 dated April 23, 1953, re: Per Diem charges.

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