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Volume 7 Number 1

Volume 7 Number 1: November 2003

On the cover:

After the original Smithville Station was destroyed by fire, the TH&B erected the present building in 1903. The architectural style of the structure, known as simplified Queen Anne, features a circular turret containing the waiting room, a gable over the baggage room, geometric trim below the eaves of the turret and gable plus several unique sunburst windows. The unrivaled appearance of the station made it a favourite among local railfans. John Spring Photograph, 1974.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
Celebrating 100 Years: The Restoration of the TH&B's Smithville Station Everett Hiscott Three-quarter front view of Smithville Station, 1987;volunteer scraping paint from window; siding and dispatcher's phone box;interior view of renovation showing half-round window; interior view of waiting room showing circular corner; rear view of station, 1964; rear view of station, 1974; detail of south dormer before renovations.
Smithville Station Timeline Ellenor Black CP Rail RDC #376 in front of station, 1978; copy of CP Rail notice announcing plan to remove Smithville Station; copy of old Smithville-to-Hamilton coach ticket; copy of Form 402 Telegraphic Train Order issued at Smithville, October 27, 1903; copy of Form 27 Freight Advice issued at Smithville, April 19 1929; copy of Form 1600 Mail Gram sent to the Agent at Smithville from the General Freight Agent at Hamilton, January 3, 1922; 1910-era post cards showing three-quarter view of Smithville Station from turret end; three-quarter view of Smithville Station being lifted and prepared for relocation, view from rear; three-quarter view of Smithville Station being lifted and prepared for relocation, view from front.
Feature Article: Peninsula Perishables Jim McFarlane Hamilton, Grimsby & Beamsville Railway Motor #174 with boxcar and CPR blower car; map of Kinnear Yard Interchange with HG&B; HG&B Motor #171 at Grimsby Car Barn; aerial view of TH&B/HG&B Interchange at Kinnear Yard, mid-1920's; HG&B Summer Timetable, 1912; CPR Blower car #56718, sub-lettered for Dominion Express Company, shown at E.D. Smith Cannery at Winona; view of modern tracks at Kinnear Yard; concrete foundation pad of former ice house; remains of track #6 at Kinnear Yard.
Engineering Department: TH&B Flanger Sign Drawing by Bryant Barbour, photos by Lance Brown Drawing of TH&B flanger sign; three photos of TH&B flanger sign at Brantford.
Along the Line: TH&B Photos Ray Hoadley, Lance Brown, the Archives and Hamilton Public Library GP-7 #75, GP-9 #403, NW-2 #51, SW-9 #57 and SW-9 #55 with Acid Train at Aberdeen Yard; gondola 4208 at Kinnear Yard in Hamilton, September 23, 2003; TH&B Hostler and Berkshire #201 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, June 1950; Walnut Street Freight Shed, mid 1910's.
Operations: Train Control on the TH&B Bryant Barbour Form 19 Train Order granting Engine #71 authority to operate from Aberdeen Yard in Hamilton to Waterford and return, May 16 1975.
The Wheel Report: TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Physical Plant: TH&B 1964 Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1964-era diagrams.
Area between Scotland and Brantford: milepost 68-69; area between Stoney Creek and Vinemount, milepost 28; Area between Scotland and Brantford: milepost 70; area between Stoney Creek and Vinemount, milepost 29.
From the Archives: 100 Years Ago Today Courtesy of the West Lincoln Historical Society Copy of Shipping Order, issued at Smithville, November 2 1903.

Volume 7 Number 2

Volume 7 Number 2: February 2004

On the cover:

Activity at Hunter Street Station seems somewhat subdued in this 1942 view taken by Superior Engravers. This scene is in contrast to the frantic bustle the Terminal endured every Easter as holiday travelers departed Hamilton for New York City as their holiday destination. In this issue, Kevin Leddy begins an in depth look at the operation of the TH&B's Annual Easter Specials of 1954 beginning with Part 1 - The Big Rush. Hamilton Public Library, Special Collections Department Photograph.

Article Author Photos and Graphics
The Annual Easter Parade - Part I: The Big Rush Kevin R. Leddy SW-9 #58 switching passenger cars at Hunter Street Station; copy of letter re: Easter Travel, dated March 27 1956; copy of Transportation Notice dated March 26 1956; schematic drawing of tracks at Hunter Street Station; NYC 10-6 Sleeper Genesee Valley at New York City; TH&B Combine Car #303 at Hunter Street Station; CPR Pacific #2399 at Chatham Street Roundhouse; holiday travellers at Hunter Street Station with Arrival and Departure board in background; CPR #2398 with passenger train at Sunnyside (Toronto) on May 15 1955.
The Mighty Hudsons Come to the TH&B John Spring TH&B #502 on Michigan Central turntable at St. Thomas; builder's photo of TH&B 4-6-0 #8; builder's photo of TH&B 4-6-2 #11; TH&B 4-6-2 #15 with passenger train #721 at Mimico on June 14 1948; TH&B 4-6-2 #16 with CPR train #721 at Bronte on October 21 1948; NYC #5311 (future TH&B #501) with CPR 2300 Series locomotive at Hunter Street Station in early 1947; front end of TH&B #501 inside Chatham Street Roundhouse circa 1951; fireman's side view of TH&B #501; engineer's side view of TH&B #502; TH&B GP-9's 401 and 402 at Hunter Street Station; copy of Authority For Expenditure form authorizing scrapping of TH&B #501 and #502; TH&B 4-6-2 #15 with N.R.H.S. Fan Trip Special at Stoney Creek on August 7 1955.
Engineering Department: Station Signs Byrant Barbour Engineering drawing of typical TH&B station sign.
From the Archives: Safety First, Foremost and Always Lance Brown Collection Copy of Safety Department certificate recognizing 1,000,000 man-hours of injury-free performance, dated September 14 1961.
The Wheel Report: TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
17th Annual TH&B Pensioners Christmas Dinner Elaine Hutchinson Photograph

Photo of pensioners from 17th Annual TH&B Pensioners Christmas Dinner. Pictured are Fran Moon, Stenographer, Engineering Department; Jack Beldham, Superintendent; Jack Kitamura, Hostler, Chatham Street Roundhouse; Eileen Wilmot, Accounting, General Auditor's Office; Eric Tritton, Chief Train Dispatcher; Dorothy Ker, TH&B Employees' Credit Union and Widow of Don Ker, Agent, Kinnear Yard; Frank Simpson, Conductor; Don Aggus, Engineer; Les Gowman, Stationmaster, Hunter Street Station, Hamilton; Howard Ferguson, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Jack Steddick, Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Ed Slack, Engineer; Harry Swan, Engineer; Alex Bendes, General Auditor; Bob Boorman, Car Control Officer, Car Control Office Aberdeen Yard; Len Cherepa, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Jean Riches, Pricing Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office; Pete Conway, Storekeeper, Aberdeen Stores Department; Mike Shwedyk, Diesel Supervisor, Chatham Street Roundhouse; George Spencer, Train Dispatcher; Ray Lockhart, Signal Maintainer, Waterford Subdivision; Marion Nelligan, Stenographer, General Manager's Office; Jim Michener, Roadmaster; Gary Lumack, TH&B Accountant, Hamilton Freight Office; Larry Moriarity, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Roger Burke, Electrical & Communications Foreman; Ernie Durham, Engineer; Lloyd Enman, Conductor; Doug Hutchison, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Art Senegal, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Bill Woitowicz, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Bill Duncan, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Steve Hasick, Conductor; Larry Painter, Conductor; Bob Wilmot, Transportation Accounts Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office; Ken Sheppard, Accounts Outstanding Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office; Wayne Armstrong, Electrician, Bridge & Building Department; Tom Winger, Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Gord Rivers, Engineer and Yardmaster Aberdeen Yard; Ray Straughan, Conductor; Floyd Robbins, Communications and Signals Inspector; Lloyd Rankin, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Tom Rankin, Senior Clerk, Car Control Office, Aberdeen Yard and Relief Yardmaster; Bob Grisdale, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster.

Volume 7 Number 3

Volume 7 Number 3: May 2004

On the cover:

The reverberation of 3000 horsepower permeates the surrounding farmland of Attercliffe, Ontario as GP-7 #74 and an unidentified sibling lead the East Local southbound past the semaphore signal at the Diltz interlocking. John Spring Photograph, June 1980.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

The Annual Easter Parade - Part II: The Second Wave

Kevin R. Leddy Newly delivered GP-9's #401 and #402 at Hunter Street Station, March 1954; Hamilton station schematic; three-quarter view of fireman's side of TH&B 4-6-2 Pacific #15 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, November 1953; 4-6-4 Hudson #501 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, summer 1954; CPR Pacific #2398 at NYC Westshore Roundhouse in Buffalo, 1952.
In Memoriam: Syd Charles Levett J.G. Beldham Photo of Syd Levett and Jack Beldham after completion of Levett's last run in 1978.
Engineering Department: Timing Circuit Signs Byrant Barbour Drawing of TH&B Timing Circuit Cutout Sign; photo of front and back of sign at Mileage 1.95, Hamilton Beltline, Gage Avenue Crossing, December 2003.
New Products: Micro-Trains Ti-Cat Boxcar Lance Brown Prototype boxcar 3571 at North Little Rock, Arkansas on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, late 1970's; photo of Micro-Trains® Line N scale boxcar.
The Wheel Report: TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Along the Line: TH&B Photos Photos from G.D. Yarde and the TH&B Historical Society Archives Collection Rear southeast corner of Smithville Station, showing original three semi-circular windows, train order boards, coal shed, and wooden CPR 36' boxcars on Team Track, 1951; north side of Smithville Freight Shed, 1951; GP-7 #75 with GP-9 #401 and GP-7 #77 among CPR C-424's and SD-40-2's at CP Rail's Agincourt Yard Diesel Shop, November 21, 1983.
Physical Plant: TH&B 1964 Track Diagrams Unknown Author, contributed by Angus Palmer, redrawn by Jon Piasecki New drawings based on 1964-era diagrams.
Area between Scotland and Brantford: milepost 71; area between Stoney Creek and Vinemount, milepost 30; Area between Scotland and Brantford including Scotland: milepost 72; Stoney Creek, milepost 31.
From the Archives: S.S. Maitland # 1 TH&B Historical Society Archives Collection Undated photo of S.S. Maitland # 1.

Volume 7 Number 4

Volume 7 Number 4: September 2004

On the cover:

Hamilton & Dundas Railway 0-4-0T 'Steam-Dummy' #1 was built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in August 1878 and served the railway up until its electrification in 1898. In this issue, Kevin Leddy leads us through an in depth study of the history and operations of the TH&B's H&D Branch, a portion of the railway that has largely gone undocumented over the years. Hamilton Public Library - Special Collections Department Photograph.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

Dummies to Diesels: The History of the H&D Branch

Kevin R. Leddy

SW-9 #55 at Main Street crossing in front of Dundas Town Hall; schematic of H&D Branch circa 1954; NW-2 #54 on Hatt Street; NW-2 #53 with train on Hatt Street near Wellington Street; #53 with train on Dundas Street west of Thorpe Street; #53 with train beside Cootes Drive at McMaster University Overpass; #53 with train at H&D Junction; SW-9 #58 emerging from ravine area separating Hamilton and Dundas; John Bertram & Son's Plant beside right of way; corner of Hatt and Matilda Streets with main line and homes; early Hamilton & Dundas Railway train with dummy engine, express boxcar trailer, and a coach at Valley City Manufacturing Co., circa 1897; 1910 view of downtown Dundas showing Freight Shed, Team Track, Ralph Sturrock Limited, and H&D Railway Downtown Passenger Station; stone abutments of Spencer Creek bridge after removal of bridge in 1989; copy of Form #1272 "Switch to Dundas"; first revenue load shipped via TH&B from Canada Crushed & Cut Stone Company in TH&B 36' wood gondola #1830, June 2, 1930; Form 19 with order for GP-7 #74 to operate over H&D Branch, November 25, 1960; SW-9 #56 switching Canada Crushed and Cut Stone Plant, 1968; Dundas Freight Shed, rear view, 1964; Dundas Freight Shed, street view, in car wash paint with H. & D. Ry. Co. still visible on roof, March 1976; trains outside H&D's downtown Dundas station, circa late 19th century; TH&B 2-6-0 #23 on Hatt Street adjacent to the Valley City Manufacturing Co., June 17, 1897, first TH&B train to Dundas; Hamilton & Dundas Railway employees at Dundas Station on first trip of new trailer car #20 coupled behind 0-4-0T #4, March 17th, 1897; 1963 aerial view of Canada Crushed and Cut Stone Co; 1937 view of Dundas Clay Products (later Kerr Milling and finally Top-Notch Feeds); undated view of Caldwell Seed Company Limited; Hatt Street track switch; view of trackage on Hatt Street; Dominion Construction Track Gang with steam shovel and TH&B work train on newly constructed mainline from the foot of Bond Street to CC&CS quarry, June 2, 1930; H&D Junction circa 1914; NW-2 #52 at Park Street; SW-9 #55 at Hatt Street Orenstein & Koppel plant; Thorpe Street bridge, April 1976; Sysco Steel Hot-Bottle Car #4 at Aberdeen Yard Car Shops, March 15, 1983; TH&B American Hoist Crane #X-755 assisting with track maintenance on Dundas Street, June 28, 1973.

H&D Branch - Chronology of Events Kevin R. Leddy  
The Wheel Report: TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Along the Line: TH&B Photos   Former TH&B Business Car "Hamilton" in CPR Royal Canadian Passenger Train consist as "Strathcona", at Guelph Junction, June 6, 2004; CPR FP9-A #1401, F9-B #1900 and GP-38-2 #3084 at Hunter Street Station Platform, June 5, 2004; TH&B Historical Society Membership Chair Richard Dilley at Society display booth at Smithville's Poultry Fest, June 26, 2004; TH&B 100-ton gondola #4208 at Aberdeen Yard, May 2004.
From the Archives: First Freight   Letter from W.H. Lindsay, Manager of Canada Crushed & Cut Stone, to R.L. Latham, TH&B Chief Engineer, on occasion of the first CC&CS shipment over the TH&B H&D Branch, dated June 9 1930.
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