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Volume 8 Number 1

Volume 8 Number 1: November 2004

On the cover:

With NW-2 #53 providing the backdrop, the crew of the "Day Port" poses for an informal portrait at Port Colborne, Ontario in May 1959. From left to right: W. Myzuk, Fireman, W. Hawkins, Engineer, F. Dolan, Brakeman, L. Rankin, Brakeman and J. Martin, Conductor. Walter Myzuk Photograph.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

The Canadian Pan-American Route to the Exposition

Kevin R. Leddy

Covers from June 8 1901 and September 14 1901 public time tables; Form P-A1 Agent's Stub for Smithville to Buffalo N.Y. and Return account Pan-American Excursion; Form P-A3 Agent's Stub for Smithville to Buffalo N.Y. and Return account Pan-American Excursion; builder's photo of TH&B 4-4-0 #1; builder's photo of TH&B 4-4-0 #3; TH&B 4-4-0 #19 with Mechanical Department staff on Dundurn Street Roundhouse turntable; TH&B coach #9.

James Nicholas Young: Before, During and After the TH&B Ben Van Veldhuizen James Nicholas Young and family; James Nicholas Young portrait; Mary Young portrait; Hamilton-area countryside with cottage where family members once spent the summer; Grand River floodwaters surrounding Brantford Market Street Station, circa 1887 - photo shows Market Street Station before later expansion; 1919 aerial view a Brantford showing bridges over Grand River.
Engineering Department: Spring Switches Bryant Barbour Photos of spring switch warning signs; schematic drawings of spring switch warning signs.
The Wheel Report: TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Along the Line: TH&B Photos  

TH&B 0-4-0 at Walnut Street Freight Shed in downtown Hamilton, circa 1915; view looking east towards Kinnear Yard showing Grand Trunk Railway's interlocked crossing at the TH&B's Welland Subdivision at Victoria Avenue, circa 1915; August 1972 view of Port Colborne station; view of track at Port Colborne Robin Hood plant from the top of the loading facilities, circa 1985; Port Colborne Industry Telephone Reference Card issued by the TH&B's Traffic Department; March 1977 view of GP-7 #74 leaving the Conrail interlocking at Feeder East as the "Day Port" makes it's way towards Port Colborne.

From the Archives: Season's Greetings   December 15, 1965 season's greetings memo.

Volume 8 Number 2

Volume 8 Number 2: February 2005

On the cover:

January 18, 1929 - The worst day in the history of TH&B passenger train operations. In this issue, Kevin Leddy takes an in-depth look at the events surrounding the famous washout and resultant wreck of Train #83 at Stoney Creek, Ontario. While the TH&B kept it's record of never having had a passenger fatally injured on one of its trains, the events of January 18, 1929 were the closest the railway ever came to having that record shattered. On the cover, the Michigan Central's Auxiliary Hook from St. Thomas, Ontario attempts to extricate MCRR K-80 Pacific #8428 from the side of the Niagara Escarpment. Photograph Courtesy Rod Wilson.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

Tragedy on the Mountain: The Worst Night in TH&B Passenger Train History

Kevin R. Leddy

Remains of Michigan Central K-80 Pacific #8428 as it sits in the gully created by the washout, hours after the accident; wreck of Line Coach #72 and Engine 8428; wreck of Line Baggage Car #51; damage to Coach #72; daylight view of wrecked #8428; close-up of Line Coach #72 resting on the cab of #8428; precarious positions of Line Coaches #72 and #73 after wreck; overhead view of wreck showing Baggage Car #51, Line Coach #72, Line Coach #73 and location of engine #8428; MCRR Montrose Yard Auxiliary crane preparing to remove Line Car #73; view from the top of the mountain looking west towards Hamilton showing TH&B Auxiliary Train with X-766; view of clean up effort with TH&B Crane #X-766; Line Car #72 positioned parallel to Engine 8428; TH&B Line Coaches #72 and #73 after having been placed on their sides to facilitate track reconstruction; underside view of damaged Line Car #72; view from mountain showing reconstructed track; side view of damaged coach; TH&B 2-8-0 Consolidation #105 heads up a Work Train dumping extra fill on top of the cribbing along the newly reconstructed mainline, TH&B Hart Convertible Ballast Car #804 from the 801 - 856 series is the second car in the Work Train's consist; workers preparing to move Coach #72; Coach #72 being moved by TH&B crane X-766 and MCRR Auxiliary crane; close up of MCRR St. Thomas Hook lifting Line Coach #72; view from part way down the Niagara Escarpment looking up showing precarious position of Coach #72; TH&B crane X-766 and MCRR Auxiliary crane pulling #8428 out of the washout; remvoing MCRR Engine #8428 from the washout; modern view of “Mountain Watchman” house on Ridge Road between Stoney Creek and Vinemount.

The Wheel Report: TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Along the Line: TH&B Photos   100-Ton TH&B Gondola #2676 on Track 5 East at Kinnear Yard in Hamilton on January 13th, 2005, Godfrey Hall photograph; 100-Ton Cylindrical Covered Hopper #1502 in storage on CPR's “Hydro Spur” at Milton, Ontario, October 2004, John Vanderlaan photograph; TH&B Mechanic Brian Foley polishes TH&B logo on the cab of NW-2 #53 on the Ready Track at Chatham Street Roundhouse, October 23, 1983, Hamilton Public Library, Special Collections Department photograph; TH&B Consolidation #104, Pacific #15 and another unidentified Consolidation inside Chatham Street Roundhouse, 1950, Hamilton Public Library, Special Collections Department photograph.
From the Archives: 18th Annual TH&B Pensioners Christmas Dinner   Photo of pensioners gathered at annual dinner: Howard Ferguson, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Dorothy Ker, TH&B Employees' Credit Union and Widow of Don Ker, Agent, Kinnear Yard; Jean Riches, Pricing Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office; Pete Conway, Storekeeper, Aberdeen Stores, Purchasing Agent's Office; Mike Shwedyk, Diesel Supervisor, Chatham Street Roundhouse; Jack Kitamura, Hostler, Chatham Street Roundhouse; Lloyd Enman, Conductor; Don Aggus, Engineer; Don Gee, Conductor; Les Gowman, Stationmaster, Hunter Street Station, Hamilton; Alex Bendes, General Auditor; Jack Beldham, Superintendent; Larry Painter, Conductor; Fran Moon, Stenographer, Engineering Department; Ken Sheppard, Accounts Outstanding Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office; Eileen Wilmot, Accounting, General Auditor's Office; Jack Steddick, Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Jim Mitchener, Roadmaster; Frank Simpson, Conductor; Bill Duncan, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Marion Nelligan, Stenographer, General Manager's Office; Ray Lockhart, Signal Maintainer, Waterford Subdivision; Larry Moriarity, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Len Cherepa, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Ray Leblanc, Car Checker - Clerk, Aberdeen Yard; Jim Cakebread, Disbursement Accountant; Steve Moroz, Brakeman; Art Senegal, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Bill Woitowicz, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Gary Lumack, TH&B Accountant, Hamilton Freight Office; Dave Turner, Ticket Agent, Hunter Street Station, Hamilton; Ernie Durham, Engineer; Bob Boorman, Car Control Officer, Car Control Office, Aberdeen Yard; George Spencer, Train Dispatcher; Sam Speight, Conductor; Floyd Robins, Communications and Signals Inspector; Sam Hilton, Engineer; Ray Straughan, Conductor; Bob Grisdale, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Harry Swan, Engineer; Tom Winger, Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Doug Hutchison, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Ken Grevelle, Train Dispatcher and Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Joe Morden, Engineer; Bob Wilmot, Transportation Accounts Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office.

Volume 8 Number 3

Volume 8 Number 3: May 2005

On the cover:

A National Steel Car painter applies the finishing touches to the dimensional data of brand new cylindrical covered hopper #1501. It's March 13, 1967 and the TH&B is about to take delivery of fifty of the 100-ton cars, the largest capacity covered hoppers on the railway’s roster. 1501 would spend most of its service life with the TH&B in phosphate service at Port Maitland, Ontario. Under CP ownership, 1501 found itself in cement service in Exshaw, Alberta. Photograph Courtesy of the Hamilton Public Library, Special Collections Department.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

Massey, Market and Mohawk: Brantford in the mid 1970’s

Bruce Mercer Collage of 1973 TH&B letterhead, Form 19, and car switching cards; schematic drawings of Brantford Market Street Yard and Mohawk Yard; Brantford Freight Office at 26 Eagle Avenue; Form 19 train orders from October 24, 1975; Truc # 30 at Brantford Freight Office; Russell Snow-Plow #X-786 at Eagle Avenue, with GP-7 #74 and GP-9 #401, March 1976; Ontario Rail Association steam excursion at Sulpher Springs with 4-4-0 #136 and 4-6-0 #1057, May 1974; C&O boxcar 21457 on Track #1 at Mohawk Yard.
Long Continuous Rail on T.H. & B. Reprinted with Permission from the November 1952 Edition of Canadian Transportation Magazine.  
Installing Long Welded Rail on T.H.&B. Reprinted with Permission from the February 1953 Edition of Canadian Transportation Magazine. Welded ribbonrail loaded on lorries on the Old Coal Dock Track; welded ribbonrail on lorries on the Westbound Main Track, East of the Aberdeen Avenue Bridge; pulling welded ribbonrail to the west-end of the tunnel, under the Ray Street Bridge; west-end of the Hunter Street Tunnel looking east; welded rail being hauled to the tunnel on lorries as viewed from Dundurn Street, looking east.
The Wheel Report: TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Along the Line: TH&B Photos  

GP-7 #72, GP-9 #402 and GP-7 #71 at Chatham Street Interlocking Plant, leaving Aberdeen Yard for Toronto with CP Starlite, April 1979; SW-9 #55 outside of Stall #6 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, April 1976; trucks on Claremont Access in Hamilton carrying 2-8-0 Consolidation #103 and its tender to Westfield Pioneer Village, January 17, 1977.

Form 1003: Train Consist Report    
Engineering Department: TH&B Whistle Sign Bryant Barbour Drawing of typical TH&B whistle sign.
From the Archives: Dundurn Street Interlocking Tower   Dundurn Street Interlocking Tower, April 2005; Dundurn Street Interlocking Tower, 1955.

Volume 8 Number 4

Volume 8 Number 4: August 2005

On the cover:

“Whew! That was close!” Cattle apprehensively peer through the gaping hole left in the side of their cattle car after the derailment of a CPR ‘Extra Hamilton’ on the CNR's Oakville Subdivision on October 3, 1955. Given the industrialized nature of the territory served by the railway, many individuals do not associate the handling of livestock traffic with the TH&B. In this issue, Kevin Leddy takes us on an in-depth look at this segment of the railway's business that has gone largely unexplored. Photograph Courtesy of the Hamilton Public Library, Special Collections Department.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

Livestock Traffic on the TH&B Railway

Kevin R. Leddy

East Local at Aberdeen, July 27, 1950, with stock cars #910, #916, #911 and TH&B Consolidation #107; stock car #525, 1928; stock car #530, circa 1935; stock car #909, 1941; #915 at Market Street Yard in Brantford, early 1950; stock car #917 at Wentworth Street, 1952; stock car #900 at Aberdeen Yard, 1952; stock car #924 at Aberdeen Yard, 1958; stock car #928 at Aberdeen's North Yard, 1958; CP RS-10 #8466 leading Extra Hamilton through Bayview Junction, April 3, 1956; 0-6-0 #51 with West Local at Brantford, undated but prior to 1941; telegram dated Julth 12, 1968, ordering stock cars for train TF-2; TH&B stock pen facilities at St. Ann's, with a CP stock car from the 277200 - 277974 series, September 22, 1964; TH&B stock facilities at Fenwick, September 22, 1964; Brantford stock pens in the mid-1920's with International Great Northern boxcar and unidentified flatcar on C.N.R. Interchange Track, with Koehring-Waterous Plant in background; recently delivered NW-2 #53 handling CP stock car loaded with hogs in Aberdeen's North Yard, 1948; Fowlers Canadian Company on Hamilton Beltline, west of Fisher Yard, 1937; rare Uniform Livestock Contract, produced at Smithville, December 10, 1906.

The Last Run of TH&B 4-6-2 Pacific #15 John D. Thompson TH&B #15 on Niagara Escarpment at Stoney Creek with N.R.H.S. Special, August 7, 1955; TH&B #16 being scrapped at Chatham Street Roundhouse, February 26, 1952; arrival of N.R.H.S. Special in Port Maitland; #15 at Grant Avenue, west of Wentworth Street; Engineer Carl Bester and Fireman Walter Myzuk, in cab of #15; #15 at Hunter Street Station for N.R.H.S. Excursion; passengers on Hunter Street Station platform during N.R.H.S. Excursion lunch stop; #15's last appearance in Dunnville on the return trip from Port Maitland, with two TH&B 4500 series boxcars assigned to Express Service on the sidings next to the station.
The Wheel Report: TH&B Historical Society Executive Report  


Along the Line: TH&B Photos   GP-9 #403 and GP-7 #75 with 36-car train of Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) at Vinemount East at 0930 on May 13, 1985; Dispatcher George Spencer at C.T.C. Panel; rededication of TH&B 2-8-0 Consolidation #103 at Westfield Pioneer Village, Rockton, Ontario, May 22, 2005; volunteers at Westfield Pioneer Village, Larry Hayhurst, Derek Firth, Bob Little, Jim Hardwick, Bob Young, Chuck Doubrough, Bob Milburn, Darcy Baker, Bob Green, Mark Doubrough, Kees VanMil, Lloyd Coutts.
In Memoriam: Jack Beldham Marion Nelligan

Jack Beldham, circa 2004; superintendent letterhead; notice of Jack Belham's appointment to superintendent; John G. Beldham's Trainmaster and Safetyu Agent business card; John G. Beldham's Superintendent business card.

Form 1003: Train Consist Report: East Local, July 4, 1979    
From the Archives – In honour of those who served: 1945 – 2005    

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