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Volume 10 Number 1

Volume 10 Number 1: November 2006

On the cover:

Threading their way through the Chatham Street Interlocking plant, GP-7 #75, GP-9 #403, NW-2 #51, SW-9 #57 and SW-9 #55 are struggling to lift 36 cars of sulphuric acid as they depart Aberdeen Yard. Telltale of the train's destination of Niagara Falls, Ontario is the presence of SW-9 #55. Incapable of multiple-unit control, #55 is merely along for the ride and will be set off at Welland Yard for use on the Welland Roadswitcher for the following week. May 7, 1985. Ray Hoadley Photograph.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

Line Trains in Transition – Part 2: Typical Consists and Cars Assigned, December 1953-April 1954

Kevin R. Leddy with train consist information provided by Gus Milazzo NYC 5374 on Train 772 at Sunnyside, Ontario, March 11 1954; NYC 5361 on Train 772 at Sunnyside, Ontario, January 13, 1954; TH&B 501 on Train 741 at Sunnyside, Ontario, March 10, 1954; CP 2465 on Train 741 at Sunnyside, Ontario, March 22, 1954; NYC 5361 on Train 772 at Lorne Park, Ontario, March 23, 1954.
Last Run of Train #372 Bryant Barbour GP-9's #401 and #403 with TH&B Train #372 at its final station stop at Welland, Saturday April 25 1964; Employee Timetable #73 with last schedules for TH&B trains #372 and #379; Timetable #74 , April 26th 1964, showing remaining TH&B passenger service; interior of the 'Day Port' van; ticket (Form D) for Welland to Hamilton showing Agent's Stub, Returning Coupon and Going Coupon; TH&B Form 19 for CNR order given to 'Day Port Job' as it departed Coyle for CNR Welland Subdivision; CNR Form 19 authorizing movement toward Port Colborne; CNR Form 19 issued at Port Colborne for return trip to Coyle; map of route taken by 'Day Port' Job between Welland and Port Colborne.
Pullman Cars Dunnville and Fenwick Dave Pottinger Illustration of sides and floor plan of Pullman cars Dunnville and Fenwick.
TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Along the Line: TH&B Photos in Color Photos by Craig Konopski and Lance Brown CP GP-9u #1687, formerly TH&B GP-7 #77, at Thunder Bay, Ontario, August 30 2006; SW-9 #57 at South Yard Lead at Aberdeen Yard, July 1987; TH&B boxcar 3296 with "Ti-Cat" scheme at Aberdeen Yard, June 1987; TH&B van #80 at Aberdeen Yard, August 5 1989.
September 23, 1978 Photo by Dave Shaw Colour photograph of GP-7's #76, #73 and #71 at Bayview Junction, September 23 1978.

Volume 10 Number 2

Volume 10 Number 2: February 2006

On the cover:

GP-7 #73, GP-9 #403 and GP-7 #75 exit the confines of Aberdeen Yard and swerve around the Dundurn Street Wye destined for Niagara Falls with an Extra East in the summer of 1987. Photograph Courtesy Bill Turner.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

Operation of the Niagara Falls Acid Trains on the TH&B

Keith McCauley GP-7's #71, #75, #77 and #72 at Vinemount with Acid Extra, July 1, 1979; map of acid train route from Niagara Falls to Copper Cliff; GP-7's #73 and #75, GP-9 #403, NW-2 #51 and SW-9 #57 at Stoney Creek, May 16, 1985; Baltimore & Ohio GP-38 #4804 leads CP C-424 #4212, GP-7 #73, GP-9 #403 and SW-9 #57 through Kinnear Yard, November 10, 1984; PROX 13706 at Oakville, February 1994; PROX 13754 at Montreal, August 1994; PROX 14254 at Copetown, Ontario, August 1994; sulphuric acid leaking from overturned car; derailed and upright cars from acid train accident; several general photos of acid train derailments; Brakeman Carl Robins' account of the derailment; bulletin announcing opening of the new Welland Subdivision mainline between Fenwick and Wainfleet.
Forty Years Ago: The Upper Canada Railway Society Excursion of January 14, 1967 John D. Thompson GP-9's NYC 7504 and TH&B 402 at Hunter Street Station; run past photos between Summit and Brantford; Waterford photo stop, east of overpass; excursion train on the outskirts of Canfield Junction; U.C.R.S. folder promoting the January 14th, 1967 Excursion; clearance card issued to the U.C.R.S. Excursion at Hunter Street Station; running order issued at Aberdeen.
TH&B Historical Society Executive Report   Russel Snow Plow builders plate on X-786, April 1976.
Along the Line: TH&B Photos Photos from Bryant Barbour and John Spring Former business car "Hamilton" (now CP's "Strathcona") at Aberdeen Yard, December 5, 2006; GP-7 #74, GP-9 #403 and GP-7's #71 and #77 at west-end of Aberdeen Yard, February 1977.
Form 1003 Train Consist Report: Acid Train Extra, August 9, 1972    
20th Annual Pensioners and Employees Christmas Dinner Photos by Eileen Hutchison

TH&B Pensioners
Front Row: Alex Bendes, General Auditor; Eileen Wilmot, Accounting, General Auditor's Office; Pete Conway, Storekeeper, Aberdeen Stores Department; Howard Ferguson, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Jack Steddick, Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Frank Simpson, Conductor; Lloyd Enman, Conductor; Larry Moriarity, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Ernie Durham, Engineer; Sam Hilton, Engineer; Bill Woitowicz, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Fran Moon, Stenographer, Engineering Department.
Middle Row: Harry Swan, Engineer; Mike Shwedyk, Diesel Supervisor, Chatham Street Roundhouse; Harold Roepke, Sectionman, Smithville; Art Senegal, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Tom Winger, Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Bill Duncan, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Jim Mitchener, Roadmaster; Bob Wilmot, Transportation Accounts Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office; June Davis, Stenographer, General Manager's Office; Marion Nelligan, Stenographer, General Manager's Office; Jean Riches, Pricing Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office.
Back Row: Roger Burke, Electrical and Communications Foreman, Engineering Department; Stan Rusin, Sectionman, Smithville; Floyd Robins, Communications and Signals Inspector, Engineering Department; Ray Lockhart, Signal Maintainer, Waterford Subdivision; Gary Lumack, TH&B Accountant, Hamilton Freight Office; Ray Straughan, Conductor; Joe Morden, Engineer; Tom Rankin, Senior Clerk, Car Control Office, Aberdeen Yard and Relief Yardmaster; Gord Rivers, Engineer and Relief Yardmaster; Bob Grisdale, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Ken Sheppard, Accounts Outstanding Clerk, Disbursement Accounting Office; George Spencer, Train Dispatcher; Doug Hutchison, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster. Photo by Eileen Hutchison.

Former and Current Employees
Front Row: Doreen Johnson, Clerical, Car Accounting Office, Aberdeen Yard;
Sandy Graham, Stenographer, Traffic Department; Claire Vanderbeek, Stenographer, Superintendent's Office.
Middle Row: Bob Poyner, Carman, Aberdeen Car Department; Steve Moroz, Brakeman; Drummond Moon, Traffic Department; Eric Henschel, Chief Draftsman, Engineering Department; Bob Bendes, Rate Analyst, Traffic Department.
Back Row: Reg Rollings, Machinist, Locomotive Department; Jim Reynolds, Chargeman, Chatham Street Roundhouse; Al Wilcockson, Engineer; Walter Myzuk, Engineer. Photo by Eileen Hutchison.

Volume 10 Number 3

Volume 10 Number 3: May 2007

On the cover:

Awaiting its next call to duty, 2-8-4 Berkshire #202 lingers at the Chatham Street Roundhouse in Hamilton.
Photograph Courtesy of the Keith Sirman Collection.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

Freight Locomotive Evolution on the TH&B Railway

Kevin R. Leddy

Berkshire #201 at Stoney Creek, June 27, 1953; schematic of grade profile from Hunter Street Tunnel to Smithville; 4-6-0 #20, possible builder's photo; Mogul #22 at Aberdeen Yard, 1898; #30, Montreal Locomotive Works Builders Photograph; Consolidation #55, engineer's side; Consolidation #102 at Lambton Park, February 1956; GP-7 #72, three-quarter front view; GP-7 #74 at Attercliffe, April 1970.

Thunder on the Mountain Kevin R. Leddy Berkshire #202 at Hunter Street Station, October 29, 1944.
The Other Self-Propelled Car on the TH&B Roger Baxter Canadian Pacific Battery Car #45, renumbered #9002, at Guelph Junction, 1941; TH&B #301 with train #144 at Waterford, Ontario, 1952; Studebaker bus at Dunnville, 1937.
Gas-Electric Self-Propelled Car, Toronto Hamilton & Buffalo Railway As Reprinted from the February 1928 issue of Canadian Railway and Marine World Gas-Electric Car, Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway, Canadian Car & Foundry Builders Photograph; equipment schematic of gas-electic car showing A - Oil-Cooling Radiator Under Window, B - Compressor, C - Drop-Sash Window, D - Handbrake, E - Radiator, F - Radiator Shields, G - Controller, H - Brake Valve, K - 3-Piece Windshield, L - Slide and Drop Windows.
Bus in Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Ry. Service As Reprinted from Canadian Transportation Magazine, Circa 1937 Bus in Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Ry. Co. service.
Along The Line: TH&B Photos Photos from Arnold Mooney, Ron Tuff, and Hamilton Public Library, Special Collections Department Day Port Van, #62, at Welland Yard, April 2, 1978; GP-7 #74 on Smithville Team Track, June 27, 1979; construction of the James Street overpass at beginning of work November 7th, 1931 and near completion of work December 3, 1931.
From The Archives   Franklin Railway Supply advertisement for Coffin Feedwater Heater System showing TH&B Consolidation #201.

Volume 10 Number 4

Volume 10 Number 4: September 2007

On the cover:

TH&B train #376 lays over at Buffalo Central Terminal awaiting its evening return to Toronto on July 16, 1974.
Photograph by Devan Lawton.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

The Diesel Locomotives of the TH&B: Past & Present

Dave Stowe CP Rail GP-7u #1682, formerly TH&B #72 and CP Rail GP-7u #1684, formerly TH&B #74 at Chatham Street Roundhouse coaling tower, October 8, 1987; General Motors Diesel advertisement, 1951, featuring GP-7 #71 and SW-9 #55; NW-2 #52 stripped to the frame on shop trucks; NW-2 #52 body on TH&B flatcar, October 1977; engine block removed from NW-2 #52, May 1978; refurbished engine block, September 1978; charred remains of GP-7 #71 three days after collision on February 15, 1980; NW-2 #52 at Chatham Street Roundhouse after main bearing failure; overhead view from Chatham Street bridge of damaged GP-7 #71 on way to Waxman's Scrap Metals, June 24, 1980; NW-2 #51, SW-9 #57 and GP-7 #73 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, Toronto, March 16, 1985; GP-7 #77, GP-7 #76, GP-9 #402, GP-9 #401, GP-7 #74 and GP-7 #72 on the "dead line" at CP John Street Roundhouse, October 29, 1985; CP RS-18's #8733 and #8791 with GP-9 #401, NW-2 #51 and SW-9 #57 on a Rock Train at Port Maitland, Ontario, April 8, 1984; cover of CP Rail 10 Year Locomotive program document; CP Rail GP-7u #1682, formerly TH&B #72, at Fisher Yard, Hamilton, April 9, 1990; CP Rail GP-9u #1690, formerly TH&B #403, at London, Ontario, October 25, 1988; GP-7 #73, GP-9 #403 and GP-7 #75 at Vinemount West, April 21, 1987; CP GP-7u's #1682, #1686, #1684 and SW-8 #6712 at Vinemount, November 14, 1987; Upper Merion & Plymouth SW-9 #9007, formerly TH&B #58, at Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, June 11, 2007; SW-9 EMDX #57, formerly TH&B #57 with GM92, the SD89MAC test-bed, at E.M.D. Plant in LaGrange, Illinois, December 20, 2006; Ontario Southland Railway repainted NW-2 #51 in full TH&B livery with minimal OSRX identification at St. Thomas, Ontario, April 9, 2000; Stone Container SW900m, STJX #01, formerly TH&B SW-9 #55.
All Aboard for Fenwick Dave Sherlock Fenwick Station, circa 1947; three TH&B Coach class tickets for travel between Hamilton and Fenwick; Above: RDC-3 #9112 and RDC-2 #9023 at Vinemount West, September 10, 1978; RDC-3 #9021 and RDC-2 #9112 with Train #321 at Bayview Junction on the C.N.R. Oakville Subdivision, October 7, 1977; Conrail U30-B #2887, former Reading GP-35 #3624 and former Penn Central GP-38-2 #8071 at Vinemount, December 10, 1978.
TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Form 1003: Train Consist Report – West Local, October 14, 1975    
Along The Line: TH&B Photos Photos from Dave Stowe and Bill Mc Arthur Photos in colour: CP Rail GP-7u #1682, formerly TH&B #72, at London, Ontario, October 8, 2002; Stone Container SW900m, STJX #01, formerly TH&B SW-9 #55, at Bathurst, New Brunswick, August 6, 1997; General Motors SW-9, GMDX #57, formerly TH&B #57, at Oxford Street in London, Ontario, November 15, 1990; CP Rail GP-7u #1684, formerly TH&B #74, at London, Ontario, September 19, 1994; NW-2 #51 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, May 1976.

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