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Volume 11 Number 1

Volume 11 Number 1: November 2007

On the cover:

The East Side of Hunter Street Station is depicted in an uncommon track side view on a quiet day in the early 1980's. TH&B Historical Society Collection.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

A Saturday Extra West

Bryant Barbour

Van #81 at Market Street Yard;Superintendents Office message instructing an Extra West from Aberdeen Yard on March 31, 1984 to perform all switching on Waterford Subdivision; train orders for Extra West copied by Aberdeen Yard Operator M. Mac Pherson, dictated by Train Dispatcher Bob Livingstone; #401 exiting “M” Foundry, seen through cupola window of Van #81; train order Number 2 authorizing Engine 401 to operate from Aberdeen to Waterford and then return to Aberdeen; Extra 401 West at Waterford Pond west leg of Waterford wye; train order Number 3: rear end protection order; message issued by Brantford Chief Clerk Hank Sirvinskas detailing switching requirements for Extra West at Brantford on March 31, 1984; Superintendents Office message authorizing Extra West to move dimensional load CNIS 621057 from Brantford to Aberdeen; map of movements made by Extra West at Waterford; maps of Brantford in the early 1970's.

Early TH&B Freight Traffic and Operations: A Rare Glimpse at the Freight Trains and Traffic Handled in October 1903 Kevin R. Leddy  
The TH&B in Newspapers: Your Daily History Source Roger Baxter Twenty-one year-old gas-electric #301 at Waterford.
Along the Line: TH&B Photos Ray Hoadley, Alex Banai, Bryant Barbour SW-9 #58 crossing Victoria Avenue Subway, May 21, 1980; TH&B Mechanized Gang in the spur track at Sulpher Springs, October 24, 1984; graffiti-covered gondola 2633 at Guelph Junction, Ontario, August 6, 2007; CN GP-9RM #7007 at former TH&B station at Market Street in Brantford.
Form 1003: Train Consist Report - Day Port Job, November 5, 1979    

Volume 11 Number 2

Volume 11 Number 2: May 2008

On the cover:

H.J. Alsop, Freight Agent, Fenwick, Ontario, February 5, 1955. Photograph Courtesy of the Special Collections Department, Hamilton Public Library.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

The Chatham Street Sandhouse

Jim Reynolds

Chatham Street sandhouse, 1988; GP-9 #401 on Track #5, GP-7 #72 on Track #4, Chatham Street facilities, December 2, 1972; GP-9 #401 being sanded, December 2, 1972; SW-9 #56 at sanding facility, October 18, 1986; NW-2 #53 at Aberdeen Yard, seen from Chatham Street Coaling Tower, August 1978; sandhouse skip hoist and framework, south side of the Coal Dock, 1949; overview of Chatham Street coal dock, September 1980; schematic of sandhouse dryer; sandhouse floorplan.

Moments in Time on the TH&B Bryant Barbour

NW-2 #51 at North Yard, Aberdeen, June 3, 1986; Andrew Barbour and SW-9 #55, December 31, 1973; Form 19, December 31, 1973; Form 19, June 28, 1980; Form 19, June 9, 1969; Train Order form, April 23, 1957; schematic of Dunnville Sub, Smithville to Dunnville Agency at mile 14.41; Hamilton Belt Line Clearance Form E, September 4, 1970; American Hoist at Scotland, December 24, 1976.

Follow-up to ‘Mileage and Elevation’ Roger Baxter "Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway" mileage and elevation chart from Altitudes in the Dominion of Canada, 1901; "Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway - Main Line" mileage and elevation chart from Altitudes in the Dominion of Canada (2nd), 1915; "Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway - Dunnville Branch", ibid.
TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Along the Line: TH&B Photos Ron Tuff, Bryant Barbour, Special Collections Department - Hamilton Public Library NW-2 #53 at Kinnear Yard, October 3, 1980; Canadian Pacific RS-10's #8568 and #8472 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, spring 1964; Stoney Creek Station, June 3, 1960.
Annual TH&B Pensioners Dinner   December 2007 TH&B Pensioners Dinner: Sam Hilton, Engineer; Bill Duncan, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Tom Winger, Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Ernie Durham, Engineer, Jean Riches, Pricing Clerk, Disbursement Accountants Office; June Davis, Stenographer, General Managers Office; Frank Simpson, Conductor; Fran Moon, Stenographer, Engineering Department; Howard Ferguson, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Larry Moriarity, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Jack Steddick, Yardmaster, Aberdeen Yard; Harry Swan, Engineer; Bill Woitowicz, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Ken Shepperd, Accounts Outstanding Clerk, Disbursement Accountants Office; Bob Wilmot, Transportation Accounts Clerk, Disbursement Accountants Office; Eileen Wilmot, Accounting, General Auditors Office; George Spencer, Train Dispatcher, Hunter Street; Floyd Robins, Signals & Communications Supervisor, Engineering Department; Harold Roepke, Track Maintainer, Smithville Section Gang; Steve Hasick, Conductor; Wayne Armstrong, Electrical and Communications Foreman, Engineering Department; Ray Lockhart, Signal Maintainer, Waterford Subdivision; Roger Burke, Electrical & Communications Foreman, Engineering Department; Stan Rusin, Track Maintainer, Smithville Section Gang; Sam Speight, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Tom Rankin, Senior Car Control Officer, Car Accouting Office, Aberdeen Yard; Marion Nelligan, Stenographer, General Managers Office; Gord Rivers, Engineer and Relief Yardmaster; Art Senegal, Carman, Aberdeen Yard; Gary Lummack, TH&B Accountant, Hamilton Freight Office, Aberdeen Yard; Doug Hutchison, Conductor and Relief Yardmaster; Ray Straughn, Conductor; Jim Michener, Roadmaster, Engineering Department; Bob Grisdale, Conductor; Joe Morden, Engineer.

Volume 11 Number 3

Volume 11 Number 3: August 2008

On the cover:

A worn and faded #73, #403 and #75 (GP-7, GP-9, GP-7) grind along Lawrence Road in Hamilton with an eastbound extra destined for International Minerals & Chemicals Canadian Distribution Centre at Port Maitland on April 21, 1987. Dave Stowe Photograph.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

The Chatham Street Sandhouse: Part 2

Jim Reynolds

Chatham Street sandhouse detail photos: 6 pages.

Quicksand in the Hunter Street Tunnel David Lightheart

19th century view of Hunter Street Tunnel portal; 1895 construction photos of Hunter Street Tunnel; Toronto to Niagara Falls manifest #526, with CP 1817, HLCX 3110, CP 4704 and CP 1843at CN Hamilton Yard on October 29, 1994; train #526 at Hunter Street Tunnel with SOO 6620, HLCX 5000 and SOO 6611, seen from Ray Street bridge, on June 23, 1995.


The TH&B Tamper of the Ontario Electric Railway Historical Association Tom Twigge-Molecey Rear and side of TH&B tamper at Halton County Radial Museum; front and side of TH&B tamper at Halton County Radial Museum; view of tamper at work at museum, 2003; side view of tamper at museum, 2006; repainted tamper, without TH&B lettering, 2007.
The T.H.& B. Navigation Company Mark Michener Maitland No. 1 at Port Maitland Harbour, early 1930's; Maitland No.1 docked at Port Maitland Car Ferry Slip, 1918; undated postcard showing Maitland No.1 and 'The Esplanade' at Port Maitland.
TH&B Historical Society Executive Report   TH&B Historical Society display and table at CARM Convention, McMaster University, May 2008.
Along the Line: TH&B Photos Lloyd Hodges #53 at Coyle Yard, Welland, August 13, 1949, with hopper #1059; B-2s 0-6-0 #43 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, November 25, 1937; van #61 at Aberdeen Yard, May 1942; Gas-Electric Car #301 at Waterford with train #144, summer 1949; TH&B Navigation stock certificate (back cover).

Volume 11 Number 4

Volume 11 Number 4: May 2009

On the cover:

The former TH&B Hunter Street Station, now known as the Hamilton GO Centre, as viewed from the corner of John and Hunter Street on May 21, 2009. Lance Brown Photograph.

Article Author Photos and Graphics

Designating The TH&B Hunter Street Station

Roger Baxter

TH&B Superintendent J.G. Beldham and City of Hamilton Regional Chairman Terry Cooke on first GO Train out of Hamilton GO Centre, July 12, 1996; signage at Hamilton Centre GO station; Hunter Street Station, August 31, 1941; Ontario Heritage Act plaque at Hunter Street Station; artist's rendition of completed Hamilton GO Centre renovation project; aluminum art deco light fixture during renovations, February 8, 1996; deteriorating entrance canopy, May 1, 1987; contractors touring the station, October 21, 1993; new passenger ramps under construction, September 1994; station framework with limestone exterior cladding removed; restored light fixture over the concourse, February 2008.

The TH&B Heritage Museum Bryant Barbour TH&B Train Dispatcher George Spencer (G.S.S.) and C.T.C. panel display at TH&B Heritage Museum; museum entrance plaque; TH&B retiree George Spencer and TH&B Historical Society Marketing Manager Bryant Barbour at photo display, TH&B Heritage Museum.
TH&B Historical Society Executive Report    
Form 1003: Train Consist Repor - Victoria Transfer, March 14, 1957    
Inside Covers and Rear Cover Colour Photos Andy Panko, John Spring, John Eull, Ray Hoadley, Dave Stowe SW-9 #56 at Chatham Street Roundhouse, June 17, 1983; boxcar #3743 at Adam's Yard, August 16, 1987; GP-7 #75 with Penn Central U33C #6550 and U25B #2610 PC's Suspension Bridge Yard, Niagara Falls, New York, June 28, 1974; Canadian National M.L.W. S-4 #8167 at Victoria Avenue Diamond with TH&B GP-7 #76; TH&B SW-9 #58 on former CASO Fort Erie Branch, March 23, 1987.

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