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This photograph by Bill Turner, from the Morgan Turney collection, showing car #500. This steam generator car was constructed from the tenders of the two Hudson (4-6-4) passenger locomotives that the TH&B acquired from the New York Central in 1948. At last report, #500 is still in service on the Vermont Railway.
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An end view of #500 with a shot of crane X755 behind it, photographed by Bill Turner from the Morgan Turney collection.
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An undated photo of TH&B combine #37 as train 144/145 in Waterford, Ontario. Keith Sirman collection.

Former TH&B Passenger Car at the South Simcoe Railway

David Janelle contributed these photos of South Simcoe Railway's coach 74, a CC&F product originally built for the Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo in 1924. David writes --

"The three pictures date from the Summer of 1999. As one of the most frequently used coaches of the South Simcoe Railway fleet, the car is lettered for South Simcoe and bears the name "Beeton". The pictures show 74 from three angles on one of the rare occasions that the coach was parked by itself on the West siding of Tottenham Yard."

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[This] is shot of the coach's Left side. This picture is not of great quality, but provides a good idea of window spacing, truck style, and underframe details on that side of the coach. For reference, the "A" end of the car is on the left of the picture. Note the three axle, plain bearing trucks. Here are other details of interest to modellers (from the "A" end to the "B" end):

  • The generator (just to the right of the "A" end truck). The generator is actually mounted on the far side of the coach (the Right side). In TH&B days, there would have been a driveshaft connecting the generator to the nearest axle (note the safety bracket).

  • The Air Reservoir.

  • The brake valve and the car's single brake cylinder (both lost in shadows) are mounted under the name Beeton. The brake piston points to the "B" end.

  • The battery boxes (to left of the "B" end truck).

Other notes of interest:

  • Most of the AC equipment, the water reservoir, and the ice box are mounted on the Right side of the coach and the bottoms of these are only barely visible in this photograph.

  • The coach uses Miner hand brakes.

  • The frosted window on the left was for, by my understanding, the men's washroom. The other washroom is at the other end of the coach (note the three shadowy windows at the right of the photograph). There is small room leading into the actual washroom. I think this was the ladies powder room. The toilets have been removed (since they're the kind that flush on the tracks and none of us volunteers want to work on track ballasted by human waste). The old washrooms are used for storage and as cleaning closets.
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The car from the "A" end. Note that part of the brake cylinder is visible beneath the "Beeton" name. At the car end, note the brake line, the communication line, and the steam heat Barco. The traps and vestibule doors were removed after the car's retirement from TH&B.
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Looking along the car from the "B" end. Note the stirrups at the car end (not very visible in the previous photo), the handrails in the vestibule, and the safety gate at the car end.

David also writes --

"I would like to remind society members that the South Simcoe is an active railway and therefore bound by the Railway Safety Act. Trespassing on railway property is a Federal Offense. The railway welcomes visitors on its non-operating days, but anyone wishing to photograph and/or take measurements of the coach MUST have the railway's permission beforehand."

"The South Simcoe is also an all volunteer, non-profit organization. Some of the current work on 74 includes restoration and re-installation of the brass baggage racks. As part of our on-going maintenance on 74, we also re-roofed the coach during the Winter of 2000. There is no shortage of work to be done on the coach and at the railway in general. Anyone interested in volunteering in coach restoration, track work, operations, or the railway's other activities should contact the railway at membership[at] (replace [at] in the e-mail address with @), or should look up the SSR web site at"

"I hope members of the society will find these photos and my lengthy descriptions both interesting and useful."

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