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The Toronto, Hamilton & Buffalo Railway (TH&B) existed from 1892 through 1987 as a separate railway serving the Hamilton, Ontario area. It joined the lines of its corporate parents, the Canadian Pacific Railway and the New York Central system. It was established largely as an alternate route for the businesses in the Hamilton area to ship their products to Canadian customers in Toronto, Montreal, and the west and to American customers via the New York Central and its subsidiaries.

The TH&B was jointly owned after July 1895 by the CPR and NYC (and its successor, Penn Central) until 1977, when CP Rail bought the remaining shares and became full owner of the railway. The TH&B was integrated into the operations of its parent in 1987, losing its distinct identity as a separate railway.

The railway also owned a subsidiary company to operate a rail ferry between Ashtabula, Ohio and Port Maitland, Ontario. The TH&B Navigation Company was chartered in 1916 and operated the "Maitland No. 1" until 1932.

This site is intended to provide prototype and modelling information without duplicating the efforts of others, particularly John Spring and the late Norman Helm, who have written books on the railway. This site has no official connection to the St. Lawrence and Hudson Railway or the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Upcoming Membership Meeting
IMPORTANT NOTICE The next Membership Meeting of the TH&B Railway Historical will be held on Sunday May 5, 2024 from 1-4pm.

For ticket registration please contact John Spring at or 905-909-1069

Details can be found on the General Meetings page

The TH&B Historical Society Executive thanks you for you continued interest and support.

Shows We Will Be Attending

IMPORTANT NOTICE Please be advised that we are now attending shows again. Stay tuned for an updated list of future shows we will be attending.
Niagara Model Railway show - Sunday March 3, 2024
Kitchener Model Train Show  - Sunday March 17 2024
Mississauga Model Railroad Flea Market Sunday April 14, 2024
Steel Town Railway Prototype Modelers Meet - Saturday April 20, 2024
Woodstock Model Train Show and Sale - Sunday April 28, 2024
Hamilton and Ancaster Model Train Show - Sunday June 16, 2024

Members are invited to drop by our booth at any shows to chat or renew your membership.We are always looking for TH&B models and artifacts to display. Feel free to bring something along to display at the booth. If you can help out at our booth for an hour or more during any of these shows please contact Bryant Barbour. e-mail Bryant and offer help

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The Ontarian (previously known as TH&B Focus for Volumes 1 through 9) is produced on a quarterly basis. The newsleter features a wide range of articles and photographs about the TH&B – equipment rosters, history, industries, operations, plans, track diagrams, modeling articles, layout plans, photos of well-known and lesser-known sites on the railway and more!

Visit the Focus and Ontarian Index for a detailed listing of articles, authors and photos that have appeared in Focus and The Ontarian to date.

The Ontarian Volume 17 Number 3

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Volume 17 Number 3, August, 2022

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